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Thermo Formed Growing Pots - Recycled Plastic & Made in the UK

Thermo Formed Growing Pots - Recycled Plastic & Made in the UK

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Key Features

  • AFFORDABLE BUT HIGH IN QUALITY. A true value for money. Our plastic pots are not only economical but it is also shaped and formed in quality to last for years. A great pot choice for all types of gardeners. Also, these pots have drainage holes for the soil’s proper ventilation and to drain the excess water out.
  • 100% RECYCLED AND MADE IN THE UK. We guarantee our pots are made from 100% recycled materials diverted from landfill. Help our environment by buying recycled pots. Recycled products help lessen carbon footprint. These pots are made locally in the UK which means they’re not imported from the other side of the world, further reducing the carbon footprint.
  • WIDER RIM FOR EASY TRANSPORT. With its wider rim design, these pots can be transferred conveniently to any places. Our container pots are suitable for any kinds of plants, flowers, saplings or even succulents! It also has a nice, stylish black finish that complements well with your home’s interior and exterior décors.
  • REPOTTING MADE EASIER. Use these pots when starting to plant. This pot is perfect for growing saplings as you can transfer small plants easily to another pot.
  • 4 SIZES AVAILABLE. Our Kingston Tools Value Plant Pots are available in 4 sizes: 0.39L, 0.52L, 2L, and 3L.
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