Are you looking for a wholesale supplier? We also sell our products to growers, farmers and retailers

If you are a professional grower, a farmer or if you own a garden centre or an online retail shop, we are able to offer you our products either in bulk boxes, wholesale with our retail packaging or offer you a private label service.

Example 1: For retailers

Would you like to stock our Kingston Tools products on your online store or in your garden centre? Contact us at or on 01482 869 587 and we will send you a trade price list.

Example 2: For growers

Are you looking to move away from growing your plants in plastic pots? You can sell your plants, seedlings or vegetables in our fibre pots. Your customers can transplant them directly into the soil.

Our fibre pots are manufactured in Europe, made from sustainably sourced wood pulp (not cardboard like cheaper versions who easily break down) and they are also certified to be used in organic farming.

You can buy pots in bulk boxes, saving you a lot of money.  Contact us at or on 01482 869 587 to enquire about our bulk boxes. 

Example 3: For brand owners

Do you sell your products under your own brand? Would you like to expand your range? We can offer a private label packaging service. Choose any of our products, we can create a label and package our products in any pack size or combination you see fit. We are also able to offer a fulfilment service from our warehouse in Yorkshire .

Contact us at or on 01482 869 587 to enquire about our private label services for brand owners.