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Natural Wood Wool Firelighters - Available in Bag of 20 and Box of 200

Natural Wood Wool Firelighters - Available in Bag of 20 and Box of 200

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Planning on camping out or having a barbecue party in your backyard? Start the flame and fire easily with the Wood Wool Firelighters. These are odour-free so it wouldn’t affect the ambiance or leave an aftertaste on any meats, seafood, and foods that you will grill. It is also ideal for use in kindling, BBQ ovens, stoves, fireplace, open fires, bonfires, and a lot more. These wood wools are eco-friendly, making it safe and non-harmful for the environment.


  • MULTI-PURPOSE FIRELIGHTERS — Perfect for use with kindling, firewood, wood burners, open fires, campfire, fireplace, and cooking with wood.
  • IGNITES INSTANTLY — Just light it up and it will start a fire for you conveniently that will burn through woods and coals. No more fans and blowing needed.
  • ODOURLESS — It does not emit any strong smell from chemicals that may alter the natural essence in the area or the food being grilled and cooked.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY — Made from natural materials, it does not produce anything harmful for the environment when fired up.
  • AVAILABLE SIZES — Available in Bag of 50s and Box of 200s
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