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Lumpwood Barbecue BBQ Charcoal in a Bag – Available in Bag of 750g and Box of 5kg

Lumpwood Barbecue BBQ Charcoal in a Bag – Available in Bag of 750g and Box of 5kg

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Love outdoor grilling with your family? This Lumpwood Barbecue Charcoal is perfect for your outdoor grill barbecue party. These restaurant-graded quality charcoals has large chunks of wood for long, consistent heat. This bag of charcoal burns hotter than any traditional charcoal, so it’s best for searing steaks. Moreover, lumpwood charcoal lights faster so you can easily setup home or picnic BBQs. Also, you’ll get a nice smoky aroma which will give your meat a delightful barbeque taste that you and your family will surely love.


  • RESTAURANT QUALITY-GRADED. This bag of charcoal is made from very high-quality hardwood.
  • LARGE PIECES FOR LONG, CONSISTENT HEAT. This charcoal lumpwood bag contains large blocks of hardwood for longer burning.
  • LIGHTS FASTER AND BURNS HOTTER. This barbeque charcoal can burn to maximum heat for as fast as 20mins, so you can easily arrange your outdoor grill anytime, anywhere! Also, lumpwood charcoal burns hotter than traditional charcoal, so it is best to use for cooking or searing meat like steaks.
  • NICE SMOKY AROMA. Unlike other charcoals, lumpwood charcoal gives a nice smoky flavor to the meat.
  • CONVENIENTLY-PACKED. These charcoals are loaded into a durable, heavy-duty bag that’s hand-packed with care.
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