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Kiln Dried Kindling Wood Sticks – Premium Natural Firewood – 2.75kg Box

Kiln Dried Kindling Wood Sticks – Premium Natural Firewood – 2.75kg Box

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Easily light up your charcoal or logs with this Kiln Dried Kindling. These firewood are kiln dried to a moisture level of 10 to 15%. With this moisture content, these woods will produce flames that will absolutely let you enjoy long-lasting campfires and cooking without the necessity of adding more and more. The low moisture level also means that these kindling are safe to use. It won’t spit out hot coals from your fire, stove, oven, or fireplaces. Why won’t you give it a try now? Perfect for any indoor or outdoor setting, easy to light-up, and comes in a box. You can now conveniently store these firewood or just bring it anywhere you like!


  • MOISTURE LEVEL (10-15%). These kiln dried woods will produce instant flames that will last for a longer period of time.
  • LOW MOISTURE CONTENT. With this little amount of moisture, these logs are safe to use as it won’t throw-out dangerous hot coals from your fire.
  • COMES IN A BOX. You can now store these fire logs conveniently as these will be delivered inside a box. Each box contains approximately 105-pieces of kindling.
  • BURNS INSTANTLY. Easy to light firewood, perfect to use in an indoor or outdoor setting. Great for your home BBQs, camping fire, chimneys, fireplaces, fire pits, pizza ovens, and stoves.
  • MEASUREMENT. Each stick measures 15cm.
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