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100% All-Natural Instant BBQ Light Bag – Bag of 1 Kg

100% All-Natural Instant BBQ Light Bag – Bag of 1 Kg

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Grill anytime, anywhere, hassle free! We made grilling extra easy for you with our All-Natural Instant Light Bag. This bag contains three products that are stacked together for long burning performance. It is all-natural, eco-friendly and definitely no chemicals are used in making these products. What you just need to do is light-up the BOTTOM part, where the firelighters are placed. Then you’re done! The paper bag used is made from natural materials that easily light up. All you have to do is sit back, wait, and relax!

1 x 1kg Instant Light Bag
Firelighters – 100g
Kindling – 200g
Charcoal – 700g


  • ALL IN ONE PACK – Each bag contains 3 layers of high quality products stacked together to produce long-lasting flame.
    • First layer (bottom): Wood Wool Firelighters
    • Second layer (middle): Kiln Dried Kindling
    • Third layer (top): BBQ Charcoal.
  • JUST LIGHT THE BOTTOM PART – The bag is made from natural paper that lights up easily. The firelighters are placed at the bottom, so you have to light the bottom part first.
  • LIGHTS INSTANTLY, BBQ READY IN MINUTES – This bag lights up instantly, just place the bag on the barbecue grill, light the bottom part and you’re all set for barbecue in no time!
  • 100% ALL-NATURAL – Made from eco-friendly materials which means that no chemicals are used in making these premium quality fire starters and charcoal.
  • COME IN HANDY – All contents are packed in one bag, so you can conveniently bring it anywhere you go!
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