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BULK BOX - 480x 8cm Round Fibre Pots by Kingston Tools

BULK BOX - 480x 8cm Round Fibre Pots by Kingston Tools

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Our 8cm fibre pots are loved by nurseries and growers in the UK. They are ideal for larger plants or vegetables. We are now pleased to be able to offer these larger pots in bulk boxes.

Each box contains 480 pots. Our pots are manufactured in Europe and are made from sustainably sourced wood fibre. The size of each pot is:

- 8cm (top diameter)
- 5cm (bottom diameter)
- 9cm (height)

Biodegradable fibre pots give your seedlings the best start in life as they are designed to be transplanted directly into the soil which eliminates root damage and give you stronger plants and better crops. 

Our Round Fibre Pots are suitable for cuttings, seeds and seedlings. It eliminates re-potting, making the process as simple as plant into the ground. It promotes minimal root disturbance resulting in healthier and stronger plants. Fibre pots are also porous compared to traditional plastic pots, hence, it has better airflow and drainage. It features faster water absorption and retention and provides oxygen directly to the roots of the plant. These pots are made from biodegradable wood pulp and are peat-free.


  • FIBRE POTS — Grow plants all year round. Plant your seeds and re-plant them in the ground when the time for need comes.
  • BIODEGRADABLE — Eco-friendly, peat-free and made from biodegradable wood pulp. It can be planted into soil or ground directly and will eventually break down on its own over time.
  • HEALTHIER PLANTS — Fibre pots minimise root disturbance when re-potting or transplanting, resulting in stronger roots for adequate nutrients supply and healthier plants.
  • SUITABLE FOR — Use it for cuttings, seeds, and seedling of beetroot, carrots, onions, parsnips, radish, scallions, shallots, swedes, turnips and other rooted vegetables and crops.
  • DIMENSIONS — - 8cm (top diameter), 5cm (bottom diameter), 9cm (height)
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